By Lindsay Mawson


Our loved ones and family pets make a house a home and should be treasured. They fill our lives with unconditional love and companionship. Capture those you cherish in a meticulously hand-drawn portrait to hang on your wall and eternalize precious moments in time.

The Evolution of a Portrait

A little time lapse of “Charlie”.

Posted by Graphite Portraits by Lindsay Mawson on Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Just a quick time lapse of my latest commission.

Posted by Graphite Portraits by Lindsay Mawson on Thursday, August 25, 2022

A little time lapse of my latest portrait.

Posted by Graphite Portraits by Lindsay Mawson on Monday, April 4, 2022

About the Artist

Lindsay Mawson grew up in Southwestern Ontario, spending much of her time delving into the creative. From a very young age, and learning much from her nationally known artist grandfather, Robert Heard, Lindsay drew. She took art and art history classes throughout her school years, winning awards in both elementary and high school. An art project as a high school senior, one that required her to sketch an 18" x 24" portrait of a human being, sparked a new passion for portrait drawing that eventually grew to range from people to animals.

Though Lindsay has mainly worked with graphite pencil, she has more recently sharpened her skills in coloured pencil. She specializes in client commissions of human and non-human loved ones, and even portraits of wild animals (available as prints).

Lindsay is married with two children living on a farm near London, Ontario. She is also the author of three novels and many short stories, which can be found on and on her blog.

Portrait Gallery

Following is a sample collection of Lindsay's work. Click a thumbnail to enlarge image.


Nja Penny Bo Vegas Suds Bella Lacey 3 Dogs


Jeff Ciaran Tom & Horse Oma & Jacob Zoe Viggo Mortensen Angelina Jolie Arwen Jim Caviezel Johnny Depp Johnny Depp Eomer

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Commission a Portrait

Each piece of artwork takes many hours to complete, as Lindsay works diligently to capture every unique feature as well as the essence of each subject. She takes great pride in each portrait and treats them as she would if the subject were her own loved one.

The Art: The portraits are done in graphite pencil on acid-free, 98lb Canson paper that is pure white to maximize the contrast of values in the portrait. Most portraits are head and shoulder compositions, but if you desire a full body portrait, that can be discussed. The smaller the features of the subject, however (a result of fitting the subject's full body into the portrait), the less detail that can be applied to each element, and you may desire to increase the size of the art for that reason. Background details or other inclusions can be discussed at time of commission.

What You Need: Portraits are done using a reference photograph. In order to achieve the best quality portrait, a good quality photograph is needed, ideally a close up of the face. The more pixelated or unfocused a photograph is, the harder it will be to extract detail from it. Multiple images can be beneficial to learn more about specific details of a subject, for example a close up of the eyes or unique markings/traits.

Payment: A deposit of 25% is required in order to secure the commission of your portrait and demonstrates your commitment to the process. The remaining balance is due upon delivery of the completed portrait. Payment may be made by cash or cheque, as well as by credit card or bank account through PayPal. The option to email money is usually also available through online banking services.

Other Info: The prices quoted are for unframed portraits and are in Canadian Dollars. Any costs for shipping (if necessary) would be additional and discussed at the time of commission. Copyright and reproduction rights (of a copy of the artwork) are reserved by the artist. Additional subjects (up to two) are available only in 14" x 17" to garner maximum quality of detail in the portrait. The smaller the subject, the less detail that can be applied, which may compromise the quality of the work. Add $165 on top of base price per each additional subject.

8" x 10"


1 Subject

Deposit of $85

11" x 14"


1 Subject

Deposit of $138

14" x 17"


1 Subject

Deposit of $173

14" x 17"


2 Subjects

Deposit of $214

14" x 17"


3 Subjects

Deposit of $255


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